Stanly County is focused on education and workforce development needs for our future.


The school system in Stanly County, North Carolina is a source of pride for local residents and the business community. Stanly County Public Schools are designed in an Elementary K-5; Middle School 6-8 and High School 9-12 configuration. Also as a part of our public school system, we have the Stanly Early College located on the Stanly Community College campus and we have the Stanly Learning Academy. Located in the Village of Misenheimer is Gray Stone Day School, which is a charter school focused on college prep and is ranked first in North Carolina among America’s Top High Schools. Stanly County also gives parents several private-school and early-childhood options.

Our community expects a high-quality education for all children, and our schools deliver. Just as important, our community’s teachers have earned a reputation for taking a deep personal interest in the success of their students.

Local school administrators understand the needs of the business community and tailor programs to ensure that graduates are ready to become successful employees. Through the Career and College Readiness pathways, students can begin studies in college classes that can jumpstart their careers.

Therefore, in Stanly County a pipeline of an eager and educated workforce is available to make our business employers successful.